The Pine Street Cannabis Story

Pine Street Cannabis is Alaskan through and through. We have a family history going back generations to the village of Old Harbor on Kodiak Island. With the legalization of marijuana in the state, many were excited about the new opportunity, yet so many Alaskans still turned to the black market after noticing high prices from other retailers.

Pine Street Cannabis is different than the rest. We saw this as our opportunity to provide Alaskans with high-quality, locally-grown cannabis from the Pine Street cultivation facility and local vendors from around the state. We intend to provide the community with quality flowers they can’t find elsewhere while also helping to educate and eliminate the negative stigma of legal marijuana. We are always striving to find the perfect strain, which is why you’ll find a rotating collection of new offerings for you to try along with our staples.

Shop with a local cannabis retailer and wholesaler you can trust will always bring you the best quality cannabis without charging a premium. Keep your money in the state and support the local Soldotna community with Pine Street Cannabis.